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Core activity



Core areas of activity

Urban Expert operates throughout Europe for public and private institutions , advising and supporting the preparation, development, adaptation and implementation of several urban agendas including:

The participation and involvement of relevant stakeholders is a key element in the realisation of the mission (participatory processes).

Urban Expert works closely with other professionals e.g. in marketing, finance management, site development, etc. to deliver further know how for comprehensive and integrated projects.

Business activities


Policies, strategies, projects

Urban Expert develops and revises integrated and implementation-oriented policies, concepts and projects for your region, city or neighborhood (e.g. urban development studies, energy efficiency and climate change concepts, cultural and world heritage management plans).

Advising, analysing, monitoring

Urban Expert analyses and monitors existing policies, strategies and projects, for various urban issues, giving advice to enhance and strengthen them.

Participatory processes

Urban Expert organizes and carries out participatory processes with relevant stakeholders to develop solutions closer to their need and improve the implementation capability of policies, plans and projects.

Projekt- und Programmmanagement

Urban Expert provides ongoing oversight over projects and programs from development to implementation, from the local to the European level (e.g., district management, climate change, INTERREG, URBACT).

Funding advice and management

Urban Expert advises and assists in the acquisition and implementation of funds and funded projects – from the local to the European level (development, application and implementation of funding projects).

Urban governance und Managementsysteme

Urban Expert advises and assists in the development and optimization of governance and management systems and procedures in your region, city or neighborhood.

Event and conference management

Urban Expert moderates, organizes and carries out events, conferences, seminars and workshops.

Public relations

Urban Expert creates target group-oriented public-relation materials (e.g. posters, flyers, brochures).